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Our young Latinos need more tools to be able to adapt to the jobs of the future. It is our responsibility to see that they have at their disposal the necessary tools and resources to learn, grow and create.

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Learn to program with C#, Get new skills, learn advanced concepts to develop video games, websites and applications.

Introduction to C#

Learn the basics of Unity and the C# language.

  • Install and learn Unity
  • Learn variables and methods
  • Learn about user interfaces
  • Understand how OOP works
  • Learn to use Databases with Linq
  • Learn to use Lambda Expressions
  • SOLID principles
  • Design patterns
  • Make your first video game
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2D Animation

Learn the basics of character animation and physics

  • How to export your characters
  • Import your characters to unity
  • Add bones to your character
  • Add meshes to your character
  • Start animating with Keyframes
  • Start animating with Sprites
  • Add physics to your character
  • Work with collisions and particles
  • Add Audio to your animation
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Character Design

Learn to create and illustrate your characters for video games.

  • Introduction to Photoshop
  • Photoshop advanced concepts
  • Analyzing character types
  • Styles, shapes and colors
  • Sketching your character
  • Thinking for animation
  • illustrating in photoshop
  • Optimize and group your layers
  • Exporting your characters
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More ways to learn

C# Programming guide

This section provides detailed information on key C# language features and features accessible to C# through .NET.

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Unity Learn

Learn the basics of character animation and physics

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Spine Academy

Spine Academy has everything you need to get started learning animation for video games! Explore Spine firsthand by downloading the trial.

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