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If I could go back in time, I would definitely study CODE from a very young age. I can't go back in time, but I can definitely help you LEARN, CREATE, and FORGE your future of possibilities.

- Gerardo A.

Ways you can help

Sharing spaces for workshops

Would you like to host a programming workshop? We need places with audio and video systems for a better learning experience. Contact us to host your next programming workshop.

Soy Emprendedor Event

Donating Laptops

Knowledge is not enough to develop video games, we also need the right tools to create them. We need computers that are capable of running the Unity program. Contact us for more information on the necessary specifications.

Reaching more students

Do you work in the MEDIA? Help us by sharing this program on your platforms and reach our future students. Contact us to find out the dates of our upcoming workshops.

Volunteer Teacher

Would you like to share your knowledge with our students? Remember that "With great power comes great responsibility." And it is our responsibility to teach, train and support the youth of the future.

Programming Books

Even though everything is digital, books still have a huge impact on our students' learning and development. Help us acquire the necessary books to teach the C# programming language.

Providing Scholarships

We are just the catapult to boost the careers of our students. With your collaboration we can create “Scholarship Programs” that help students with great potential to continue their studies at universities with video game development programs.

Funding student games

Developing a video game is not easy, and it is not cheap either. The purpose of this program is not limited to just teaching how to make a video game, but also how to publish, update, translate and release the game globally.

Our partners who help us achieve our mission.