About us

AztlanLab is a creative game design company based in Winston Salem, North Carolina. With our team of innovative designers and artists we strive to accommodate all of our customers’ wants and needs, and to deliver optimal design that will enhance the effectiveness of your project. Here at AztlanLab we are passionate about enabling people and businesses to initiate and establish their creative ideas with the help of our services.


We started our first Mobile App for iOS and Android called Bedtime Creatures.


We launched our second app called Bedtime Stories.


Started development of our first 2D game Lifty Paws.


Lifty paws game prototype is ready for the Kickstarter campaign.

Gerardo Arizmendi

Game Designer | Founder

Gerardo Arizmendi Molina was born in Acapulco, Gro México.

Lilia Martinez

Digital Artist |Co-founder

Lilia Martinez is from Cucuta Colombia.
illustrator l Game artist l Lupus warrior


Galo Ortiz

Composer, Producer and Audio Engineer

Composer, Producer and Audio Engineer with experience making music for films & games.

My concert music has been presented in Mexico, Spain, Bulgaria, Germany, Austria and at the Geelvinck International Festival for Fortepiano in Amsterdam.

I’m always ready for any challenge you have for me, let’s  create new worlds together.



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