Melody by Galo Ortiz

Lifty paws on a project we’ve been working on for some time and we finally have a vertical ready to show you.

However, no game can come to life without music. We had something “Funny”, “Happy” and “Catchy” in mind. We wanted to go back to those good old days of Angry Birds and Cut the rope, when the games weren’t filled with pure ads, and the levels lasted longer than the two 2 seconds that they last now.

Luckily we have the participation of Galo Ortiz, a talented composer and audio producer for video games and movies. Galo perfectly understood the idea we had and I can translate it into a beautiful melody for our game. Each world of this game will have its own background music composed by Galo. If you liked this melody, do not hesitate to contact him for your future projects.