The Game

Welcome to the vibrant universe of “Lifty Paws,” where you’re the hero of the canine world! Get ready to dive into a thrilling 2D gaming experience that blends daring kitten rescues with brain-teasing challenges, innovative gameplay, and a world bursting with surprises.

Our Story
“Lifty Paws” is born from our love for cats, dogs, and imaginative gaming. In this adventure, you’ll embody a courageous kitten rescuer armed with a clever Scissor Lift, ready to save adorable furballs stuck in precarious spots outside towering buildings. Your goal? Rescue every kitty and ensure they return home safely.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple yet heartfelt: to create an unforgettable gaming experience that celebrates the bond between humans and animals. Through our game, we aim to spread joy, foster empathy, and ignite the spirit of adventure in players of all ages.

Lifty Paws Main Theme

Meet the Maestro: Galo Ortiz
Galo Ortiz is more than a composer; he’s a storyteller through sound. With a passion for creating immersive musical experiences, Galo has poured his creativity and expertise into the soundtrack of “Lifty Paws.” His ability to evoke emotion and atmosphere through music is nothing short of magical.

Meet our heroes

Meet the courageous trio of heroes, each with their own unique qualities that make them the perfect saviors for our precious kittens:

  • Winston, the Leader of the Pack:
    Winston is a Welsh Corgi known for his unwavering determination and protective instincts. With a heart full of valor and a nose for adventure, he fearlessly guides the team through the towering urban jungle of New York City.
  • Dottie, the Energetic Dynamo:
    Bringing an electrifying energy to the group, say hello to Dottie! This spirited Dalmatian is a whirlwind of enthusiasm, racing into action with unmatched vigor and a contagious zest for life that keeps the team motivated and inspired.
  • Hiro, the mighty Shiba Inu!:
    Hiro is the powerhouse of the pack, using his strength and agility to overcome any obstacle in their path. With his quiet confidence and unwavering determination, Hiro stands as a formidable ally in the fight to rescue every precious kitten.

Meet our kittens

Our furry feline friends are not just characters; they are the very soul of the game. Each kitten has its own unique personality, quirks, and, most importantly, a name that will forever be etched into the story of your heroic adventures. We are excited to introduce you to these charming and lovable companions, and we have a special treat in store – you can be part of their journey by naming them or even creating your very own custom kitten!