Lifty Paws: Coming to Kickstarter soon!

Pledged of $10,000 goal

Kickstarter is not just a crowdfunding platform; it’s a community of passionate individuals who share our vision. Here’s why we’ve chosen Kickstarter as our partner in this journey:

  1. Community Engagement: Kickstarter allows us to directly engage with a community of gamers, cat lovers, and creative minds who appreciate the value of unique and heartfelt games. Your feedback, ideas, and support are invaluable to us.
  2. Independence: By funding “Lifty Paws” through Kickstarter, we maintain creative independence. This ensures that the game remains true to our original vision and doesn’t compromise on quality.
  3. Shared Vision: Kickstarter aligns with our belief in the power of collective effort. When you back our project, you become a part of our team, sharing in the excitement of bringing “Lifty Paws” to life.
  4. Quality Assurance: Your support on Kickstarter will enable us to dedicate the necessary time and resources to ensure that the game reaches its full potential in terms of quality, polish, and overall player experience.

Join Us on the Journey: By choosing Kickstarter, we’re inviting you to be a crucial part of our journey. Your support goes beyond mere funding; it’s a vote of confidence in our dedication, creativity, and commitment to delivering a remarkable gaming experience. Together, we can transform our dream into a reality that players worldwide will enjoy and cherish.

Coming soon

Why Kickstarter?

Embarking on the journey of game development is a thrilling and challenging endeavor, and for us, it’s a dream come true. We are passionate about creating a polished and high-quality game that players will not only enjoy but cherish. To make this dream a reality, we’ve chosen Kickstarter, and here’s why.

Personal Savings:

Our commitment to “Lifty Paws” is unwavering, and it extends beyond mere dedication. We’ve invested our personal savings into this project because we believe in its potential. This game is not just a product; it’s a labor of love and creativity. Our personal savings have allowed us to lay the foundation and bring the game to the point where it’s ready to shine.

Quality Game

Quality is our top priority. We want “Lifty Paws” to be a testament to the power of creativity and innovation in gaming. By funding the game with our own savings, we’ve already invested in the development, ensuring that it meets the high standards we’ve set for it. But to achieve the level of polish and refinement we envision, we need additional support.

Full-Time Commitment:

Creating a game of this scale and ambition is a full-time commitment. Our dedication extends to working tirelessly to ensure that every aspect of “Lifty Paws” is meticulously crafted. Kickstarter provides us with an opportunity to fully focus on this project without compromise. It allows us to pour our time, energy, and creativity into the game, giving it the attention it truly deserves.

The Game

Welcome to the exciting world of “Lifty Paws,” where you become a canine hero! Join us in this campaign to bring to life a unique and thrilling 2D video game that combines kitten rescues with clever challenges, creative mechanics, and a world full of surprises.


Our Story
“Lifty Paws” is an adventure inspired by a passion for cats, dogs and creative gaming. In this game, you step into the shoes of a brave kitten rescuer who uses an ingenious Scissor Lift to save kitties trapped in perilous situations outside building windows. Your mission is to rescue all the kittens and safely bring them home.

Lifty Paws Main Theme

Meet the Maestro: Galo Ortiz
Galo Ortiz is more than a composer; he’s a storyteller through sound. With a passion for creating immersive musical experiences, Galo has poured his creativity and expertise into the soundtrack of “Lifty Paws.” His ability to evoke emotion and atmosphere through music is nothing short of magical.

But that’s not all! Galo has gone above and beyond to create a unique musical journey for each of the game’s levels. With a total of five distinct tracks, you’ll find yourself transported into the heart of the action, whether you’re navigating through challenging puzzles, facing off against formidable foes, or basking in the joy of saving precious kittens

Meet our heroes

Meet the courageous trio of heroes, each with their own unique qualities that make them the perfect saviors for our precious kittens:

  1. Winston: The leader of the pack, Winston is a Welsh Corgi known for his unwavering determination and protective instincts. With a heart full of valor and a nose for adventure, he fearlessly guides the team through the towering urban jungle of New York City.
  2. Pepper: A spirited Dalmatian with boundless energy and intelligence, Pepper is the team’s problem solver. She’s the mastermind behind the Scissor Lift’s controls, maneuvering it with precision and ensuring the safety of both kittens and team members.
  3. Taro: A lovable Shiba Inu, Taro is the gentle giant of the group. His massive paws and kind-hearted nature make him the perfect comforter for the rescued kittens. When the going gets tough, Taro’s unwavering support keeps spirits high.

Meet our kittens

Our furry feline friends are not just characters; they are the very soul of the game. Each kitten has its own unique personality, quirks, and, most importantly, a name that will forever be etched into the story of your heroic adventures. We are excited to introduce you to these charming and lovable companions, and we have a special treat in store – you can be part of their journey by naming them or even creating your very own custom kitten!

Name a Kitten:

As a token of our appreciation for your support on Kickstarter, you have the opportunity to name one of these adorable kittens! Choose a name that resonates with your heart, and forever leave your mark on the game. Whenever you see your chosen kitten in action, you’ll know that you played a part in their journey.

Create Your Custom Kitten:

For the ultimate level of personalization and a truly unique gaming experience, we’re offering a limited opportunity for five lucky backers to create their very own custom kitten. You’ll work closely with our development team to design a kitten that embodies your vision, from appearance to personality traits. Your custom kitten will become an integral part of the game, making your adventures in “Lifty Paws” even more special.